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ongoing conversation between lam nguyen & chad hall . veering from highbrow pretension to lowbrow weirdness . thinking out loud . exploring possibilities . personal obsessions . sci-fi . literature . comics . politics . paranormal . philosophy . sad songs . bad jokes . addictive tech . self-improvement . writing . talking . pondering . sparking new thoughts . kicking hornet’s nests . being wrong . forgetting facts . bucking trends

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    talking about personal things . bravery & fear in relationships . feeling shitty. grieving things other than death . writing inspirations over life times . sexism the charles bukowski . proust . nostalgia as mystery . climate change doubting . reasoned skepticism . the lineage of social media from the 1890 to now . the self as object of worship . gresham's law . the dangers of free . is google evil . a.i. and digital slavery . the time for non-google non-apple phones is now . why government run 5g should terrify you . will waymo fail . the biggest obstacle to self-driving cars . lethal autonomous weapon systems . making friends when you're older . friend is an overused word . static thoughts

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    deleting email apps from your phone . letting text messages wait . what makes you feel old . the illusions of social media presence . reducing vs expanding thought . jason bourne is a sociopath . conflicted superman is better superman . the moral difficulty of war . campaign trail promises . why impeachment is a slow process .political infighting . de-devicing . smartwatches vs normal watches . being aware of time . having to finish books and films . pacing in films . people can be wrong without being evil . the difficulties of being a leader . is the left socialist . why the national debt is an issue . does taxing the rich work . protecting your office . amazon vs new york . the need for a thriving middle class . labor and immigration . building up the infrastructure . breaking things down and rebuilding . is it ok to marginalize a segment of the population to build a better future . germany vs japan's history of wwii . should we lower the voting age . having friendly political debates . apple retracts podcast threat

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    a cold california winter . lam's social media liberation . making calls . the performative nature of social media . art books vs instagram . disposable media . screen time . making phones back into tools . the utility of pocket notebooks . immediate gratification . reading deeper . the problem with search algorithms . investment vs outcome . the fame game . solitude deprivation . the default network . does social media prevent social cognition . the death cycle of online social movements . blogging . myspace . active vs passive relationships . clearing badges . setting limited times to check email . neutering the apple watch . social withdrawal symptoms . insignificance in infinity . avoiding things you want to do . trimming podcast subscriptions . solidifying individual thought . real trigger warnings . the exhaustion of introversion . how having a pet changes anxiety . self importance . image . online identities & meeting irl . the insinuated intimacy of sharing online . will talent show's die . ridicule

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    broken political parties . the purposeful complexity of legislation . the ridiculous part of the green new deal . the covington incident . why social media feeds negativity . the death of humor . moral posturing . louis c.k. . the difficulty of freedom of speach for online communities . the bias of twitter . the loss of critical thought and the externalization of self-esteem . patreon is falling apart . the vatican archives . diane walsh pasulka's mysterious banning on twitter and facebook . the rarity of life in the universe . our inability to contemplate infinity . the flaw of imposing the human model on other life . is utopia too boring . is google planning digital slavery . the blindness of futurists . the dangers of crispr . humanity is too immature for the speed of our technology . how google reads our emails . is there an artificial you somewhere in the cloud right now . does giving up social media remove you from "the conversation" . sheep and goats . total freedom is an illusion . lack of intuition . addiction as a rebellion against choice . the purity of fred rogers . defining your own attention . lam deleting social apps from his phone

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    lam's new computer . dongletown . the promise of happy endings leads to dissatisfaction and anger . spotify's podcasting strategy . using devices as tools again . ambiguity . how people judge documentaries . what we really vote for . black & white . ansel adams . hollywood is a synthesis of humanity . finding your individual identity again . overloading on feedback . criticism vs reviews . dealing with sinful pasts

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    zombie mushrooms . rapey dolphins . the search for a unified human diet . food textures . why lord of the rings and the new star wars films are overrated . challenging the cinema audience . how tv cops continually break the law . nuance vs specificity . distrust of the government managing things . the short-sightedness of current health insurance plans . nuking social media . updates on dogs & daily journaling.

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    daily sanity checklist . lam's irrational fear of grey aliens . our nightly wind-down processes . touch of grey | grateful dead . dc universe . the solo movie/with spoilers . the hellier documentary series . online education subscriptions.

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    difficult circumstances . getting a dog . the seeming logic of suicide . learning to ask for help . blame vs responsibility . random thoughts that surface . mental check-ins . fighting intangible thoughts . the relationship of dogs and humans . the need for redemptive qualities . the "space is fake" movement . a post-truth world . the need for consequence . what will become of society when virtual reality becomes reality . child actors

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    exercising with beta blockers . diet . anxiety . past lives . the collective unconscious . mind-to-mind communication . the next stage of human evolution . the kardashev scale . the Fermi paradox . adjusting our mental perception to someone's gender transition . the fiction of reverse-racism . rapidly going wireless . missing the 80's . technological excess . content overload

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    our resolutions . cruise ships . science denial on the right and the left . gender perceptions . my space . working on the holy fool website . pajamas . natural disasters . the grand patreon exodus . feeling like a phony . the need for silence . finding sober social time . tarot for self-awareness . letting go . change . isolation

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