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An ongoing conversation between Lam Nguyen & Chad Hall that veers from highbrow pretension to lowbrow weirdness, and manages to hit every commonplace mailbox in-between while exploring the bizarre possibilities of the world and their own personal obsessions. Our goal isn't to teach or even to be right, our goal is to talk, ponder and spark new thoughts.

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    #52 | A Wall of Rushing Water Behind You

    Lam and I propel ourselves into the new year talking about our resolutions, cruise ships, science denial on the right and the left, gender perceptions, and "my space."

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    #51 | Down with the Goofy

    Lam and I summersault our way through topics like aging, concussive brain injuries, x-mas movies, synchronicities, and the observing self.

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    #50 | 90% Open Rate

    Episode 50! Lam & I blow snot-rockets through topics like premium content, podcasting, Netflix paying $100M for Friends, The Eighties, VHS culture, cultural appropriation, the ridiculousness of micro-aggressions, the value of discomfort & voting to affirm your identity.

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    #49 | Algorithms Have a Difficulty with Me

    Lam & I spin like kaleidoscopes through topics like rebellion, memorizing literature, self-assuredness, chess, bullet journaling, and Occam’s Razor.

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    #48 | My Testicles Are Sensitive

    Lam and I latch on like dry foxtails to topics like the lost art of listening, The Lindberg Baby, male self-examination, the difficulties of getting patrons, character arcs in the marvel cinematic universe, and much more.

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    #47 | Know Who I Am

    Lam and I sharpen our swords and swashbuckle or way into the dangerous territories of political culture, redemption for social pariahs, the zombie apocalypse, dark sides of human nature, The Rendlesham Forrest Incident, The Battle of Los Angles, The Miracle of the Sun & The Phoenix Lights.

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    #46 | Struggling to Get to the Surface

    Lam and Chad wrestle like lubed up gladiators with topics like Did Hitler die in WWII, is man older than 10,000 years, who the hell was Hermes Trismegistus, the social acceptability of Confucius jokes, and more. 

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    #45 | F!?k Your Olives

    Random Badassery Returns! Lam & I come busting through the door like half-drunk werewolves in bikinis, busting our way through topics like returning to the show, personality tests, food associations, flat earthers, movies on mobile devices, and the pineal gland.

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    #44 | Looking Back to Move Forward

    Lam & Chad look back on the original format of the show and all the lessons that they learned. As this podcast goes forward it's important to remember the past and to learn from it.

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    #43 | Burn Your Ships

    Using criticism to grow, Defining What You Do, Todoist label overload & Overcoming everyday obstacles

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