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An ongoing conversation between Lam Nguyen & Chad Hall that veers from highbrow pretension to lowbrow weirdness, and manages to hit every commonplace mailbox in-between while exploring the bizarre possibilities of the world and their own personal obsessions.

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    90% Open Rate

    Episode 50! Lam & I blow snot-rockets through topics like premium content, podcasting, Netflix paying $100M for Friends, The Eighties, VHS culture, cultural appropriation, the ridiculousness of micro-aggressions, the value of discomfort & voting to affirm your identity.

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    Algorithms Have a Difficulty with Me

    Lam & I spin like kaleidoscopes through topics like rebellion, memorizing literature, self-assuredness, chess, bullet journaling, and Occam’s Razor.

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    My Testicles Are Sensitive

    Lam and I latch on like dry foxtails to topics like the lost art of listening, The Lindberg Baby, male self-examination, the difficulties of getting patrons, character arcs in the marvel cinematic universe, and much more.

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    I Know Who I Am

    Lam and I sharpen our swords and swashbuckle or way into the dangerous territories of political culture, redemption for social pariahs, the zombie apocalypse, dark sides of human nature, The Rendlesham Forrest Incident, The Battle of Los Angles, The Miracle of the Sun & The Phoenix Lights.

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    Struggling to Get to the Surface

    Lam and Chad wrestle like lubed up gladiators with topics like Did Hitler die in WWII, is man older than 10,000 years, who the hell was Hermes Trismegistus, the social acceptability of Confucius jokes, and more. 

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    F!?k Your Olives

    Random Badassery Returns! Lam & I come busting through the door like half-drunk werewolves in bikinis, busting our way through topics like returning to the show, personality tests, food associations, flat earthers, movies on mobile devices, and the pineal gland.

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    Looking Back to Move Forward

    Lam & Chad look back on the original format of the show and all the lessons that they learned. As this podcast goes forward it's important to remember the past and to learn from it.

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    Burn Your Ships

    Using criticism to grow, Defining What You Do, Todoist label overload & Overcoming everyday obstacles

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    The Power of Boredom

    Passivity communicates lack of care, finding wonder, cultivating boredom, question your choice of reality, productivity vs fooling yourself, ask yourself the right questions and more

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    Fight For a Future

    Positive mindsets, Looking forward with purpose, Acknowledging where you make a difference, Having trouble finishing books, and Discovering blindspots

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    The Poet of The Body & The Tramp

    Lam draws upon the final speak from Chaplin's The Great Dictator, Our monthly creative challenge: mutation, Speaking your mind in the moment with kindness, Chad digs into section of Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself", and Don’t get overwhelmed with choice.

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    Smellbuds, Popsicle Stick Sculptures & Questions

    Lam’s low-tech challenge update, Being present, Keep your phone in your pocket, Lam’s happy thirty challenge update, The creative power of being bored, Track yourself challenge, How do you tell your story?, Visages Villages (Faces Places), Finding the Honesty, and The power of questions.

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    Meryl Streep | Finding the Humanity

    Lam & Chad discuss the greatest actress of our time, Meryl Streep. It’s never too late in life to start something, Finding the humanity in every character, The importance of remaining a learner, Greatest requires leaving your comfort zone, and Fear is a good thing.

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    Don’t Give Up, Fail Forward

    Why the episodes have been different lately, Reframing problems as challenges, the importance of understanding why we do things, dealing with failures & never giving up, the unrealistic expectations that we put on our friends & family, and Letting go of shame, excuses & stories in our heads.

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    Redirect Your Flow

    Lam and Chad talk about creating change and and understanding how your life is organized.

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    Break the Chains

    In this Inspiration episode: the problem with being clever, the need for humility, the obstacle of ego, and the illusion of safety. Lam declares his love for Song Exploder and Colin Hayes. Chad ponders the utility of video game documentaries and Apple keynotes.

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    Swimming in Chaos

    This week we cover a lot of ground from a CBD update to slowing down and being present to writing tools. Chad shares part of his newest writing workflow & Lam issues two challenges to the audience: #lowtechchallenge & #happy60challenge. Listen to find out what the heck that means.

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    Cheryl Strayed | Choose the Thorns

    Cheryl Strayed (author of Wild, Torch, & Tiny Beautiful Things) is our subject this month. Strayed is a powerful force of compassion and brutal honesty. As a consequence, this episode dives deep emotionally. This was a hard episode for both of us for many reasons but ultimately it is our most vulnerable and open episode.

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    Drew Roulette | The Idea is the Tool

    A Random Baddassery styled interview with artist & musician (dredg, Dark Heavens) Drew Roulette. Drew really breaks down his creative process for us, explains the importance of mistakes, shares some uniques techniques for working with acrylic paints and talks about the difference/similarities between visual art and music.

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    The Thing Itself & The Mood of Me

    These Inspiration episodes are like a firehose they can spin off in​ any direction at any time. That's what makes them so much fun. This week: How to take criticism, talent vs. work, the importance of being present and Chad gives his most explicit writing advise.

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    Into the Weeds

    We go deep into the topics of anxiety, the iPad & privacy.

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    Björk | How to Come Home

    Possibly one of the most creatively adventurous people of all time. This week Lam & Chad talk about singer Björk. How does she take such risks and sonic adventures while maintaining a feeling of centeredness. What is her balance? What is her process? And how does the idea of home play into creativity for her?

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    Memoirs of a Habitual Door Closer

    Lam & Chad tackle their first "inspiration" episode. What does inspiration mean anyways? The guys bring two meaningful quotations​ to the table and the discussion evolves from there.

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    Our Podcast Method

    Lam & Chad share they podcast journey and what they've learned. What tools work? What tools didn't? How have things changed? What is the importance of pivoting? How does all of this apply to creativity in general? This episode is packed with so much more.

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    Frida Kahlo | Transformation of Choice

    Some art cannot be removed from the life of the artist, the two are completely interwoven, and there is no better example of that than Frida Kahlo. In fact, separating her art from her life would diminish its richness. Frida had a very difficult and painful life, be she was able to take that and make something from it. What was it? How did she do it? Click play and find out. ;0)

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    Without meaning to we talked a lot about apps and systems in this one. It's an area of creativity that isn't touched often enough. What apps does Lam recommend for photography? What does Chad use for notes and tasks? How do we get all the nagging stuff out of our heads and make room for ideas to breed and grow?

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    Neil Gaiman | The Humanity of Ideas

    From Sandman to America Gods & Coraline, Neil Gaiman is an artist of both breadth and depth. Gaiman is prolific not only in creation but in medium. He brings his unique style to comics, novels, children's books, TV and film. So, where does he get his ideas from? What is his trick? What can we gleam from him?

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    Clearing Obstacles

    The first of our new mid-month episodes focused on who we are, what we are creating and what we are using to get it done. In this episode, we cover time-lapses, novel writing, minimalism, criticism, smiling, and our current favorite creative apps.

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    Bob Dylan | Contradict Yourself

    There's so much to study when tackling a subject as large and important as Bob Dylan. Over thirty albums alone! How did he survive being labeled the voice of a generation? How did he keep creating for so many decades? What were his tricks? Where did he fail? What can we learn from The Bard?

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    Sir Ian McKellen | Improving with Age

    First the guys talk about starting 2017 with minimalism in mind. Then they go on to discuss the great actor Sir Ian McKellen who proves that dedication to a craft and time lead to true mastery. Thought he is most well know for play Magneto in the X-men movies and Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films, Lam and Chad each believe he has greater roles. Which do you think will be their favorites? Which are yours? What defines greatness?

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    Nick Cave | Confident Collaboration

    With over 20 albums under his belt with an ever-changing and impressive list of collaborators, Nick Cave exemplifies the collaborative spirit managing to allow new sounds into his music while consistently sounding like himself. What can we learn from him?

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    Isaac Asimov | Prolific Understanding

    Isaac Asimov was one of the most prolific authors to ever live, perhaps THE most prolific author to ever live. He exemplified action. Yet despite the immense quantity of his work he was able to provide equal quality, proving that the two are not mutually exclusive. What can we learn from him?

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    David Lynch | Creatively Following

    Lam & Chad talk David Lynch. David Lynch is a successful director but his success is rare in how little compromise he has made over the years to his vision. He's also an avid practitioner of transcendental meditation (claiming he hasn't missed a meditation in 33 years!) But perhaps the greatest wisdom we learned about Lynch in studying him this month was to allow your creativity to lead you; learning to see where ideas and accidents take you.

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    The Mystery of Haruki Murakami

    The first episode in our new creativity focused format. Our first subject is one of our favorite novelists: Haruki Murakami. Join us as we dig into his creative style, his influences and much more.

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    Proof of Life

    The original show notes for this episode are lost and I'm just choosing arbitrary aired dates.

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    Bob Dylan to Paul Auster

    The original show notes for this episode are lost and I'm just choosing arbitrary aired dates.

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    Bryan Fuller to Andre Braugher

    The original show notes for this episode are lost and I'm just choosing arbitrary aired dates.

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    Guillermo del Toro to Lapsley

    The original show notes for this episode are lost and I'm just choosing arbitrary aired dates.

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    Marcel Proust to Casey Neistat

    The show notes for this episode have been lost but I'm gonna bet that at least Proust & Casey Neistat come up.

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    Robert Stack to Stevie Wonder

    This week Lam and Chad discuss video editing, Microsoft Build, and they go particularly deep into a discussion of Star Trek & Tv detective/Cop shows. They also touch upon Superman, Unsolved Mysteries, Bernie Sanders, The Lego Movie, Willie Nelson and much, much more. It's a nerd smorgasbord.

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    Robin Williams to Colin Stokes

    The evolution continues. Chad and Lam delve into the growth of television over the last 3 decades, starting with The Golden Girls and ending with Breaking Bad. They discuss the roles of antiheros in cinema, scifi and the worlds it creates, and uncompromising writing in film.

    From there, they dive into the price of security, Apple product releases, typography, mortality, self-help through games, Quantam Leap, among many other things.

    Chad and Lam get Very Semi Serious.

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    Mariska Hargitay to Samuel Beckett

    This week, Chad and Lam Discuss the perils of time travel, well, kind off. From there, continuity in television production, script writing and actors (yes, you, Mariska Hargitay) who can somehow maintain separate tenses simultaneously as they jump from set to set.

    An analysis of the evolution of Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube as marketing channels follows. Are they useful for business? Are they compelling ways to generate organic traffic that will lead to increased revenue?

    After coming down from the ledge, Chad and Lam pay homage to the magical world that is YouTube.

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    Tim Cook to Johnny Rotten

    Lam & Chad tornado their way through topics like interviewing, rebuilding broken relationships, flaws in education, cell phone privacy, and memory in tv shows.

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    Steve Jobs to Gene Wilder

    Lam & Chad tornado their way through topics like device overload, virtual assistants, automation, the cutting edge of technology, social media, & the importance of limitations.

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